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Life's S'more Fun Premium Camping Shirt

Life's S'more Fun Premium Camping Shirt

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That signature, caramelized, ooey gooey goodness, invented by girl scouts in 1927, has taken the world by storm.

Three key ingredients are attributed to the unparalleled success of the smores, creamy sweet chocolate, soft and toasty marshmallow, and brittle and crisp graham crackers to hold it all together.

What would a world without the creation of the smores look like? A world none of us would want to live in. Celebrate your love of s'mores with this awesome “Life's SMore Fun” apparel.

-Made on incredibly comfortable 100% cotton

-5.3oz Shirt

- Crafted and pressed in Collegeville Pennsylvania, in the USA

- Pressed on super soft and colorful materials in the USA

- Insanely bright colors, industry leading durability, durable and wash resistant

- Unisex Size Scale, offered up to 2X

- Hand Pressed in the USA

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