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Perkiomen Bridge Hotel Ceramic Mug

Perkiomen Bridge Hotel Ceramic Mug

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A Truly Historic Mug!

Celebrate your love for this iconic and nostalgic Collegeville Building with a Dishwasher Safe Perkiomen Bridge Hotel Ceramic Mug! Design hand drawn by Cooper Draftwork's and pressed in Collegeville PA.

Built in 1706, The Perkiomen Bridge Hotel (Originally known as Lane's Hotel)  is one of the most widely recognizable historic landmarks in the Perkiomen Creek area. Adjacent to the Perkiomen Bridge, the initial purpose of the building was to serve as a halfway house for those traveling from Reading to Germantown. 

After serving its first purpose, the Bridge would see much popularity from boaters, and eventually Ursinus College students in the 1940’s and 50’s. Its most recent two fates however would be a sports bar in 1989-93, and then later a high end restaurant and event venue in 1997. The Building as of February 2022 has been dormant since. 

The Perkiomen Bridge hotel has been a long lasting symbol of Pennsylvania history, and has miraculously survived numerous seasonal floods. A true physical testament to incredible Early American Artistry and Architecture.

Weight- 14oz

Dishwasher Safe Design. Dye sublimated in Collegeville PA

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